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                About Me

Hey, i am Konstantinos Mourelas but
you should just call me moure!

The last twenty years at one point or the 
other i've wanted to become 
an electrical engineer, photographer, 
3d artist, game developer, 
tech artist and all between :) 

Until recently I was a co-owner and art director
of the indie studio eNVy softworks,
based in Patras, Greece. 
Between our commisions we recently 
released our first game on steam called
Basements n' Basilisks.

In my free time i like coding
small game engines,
finding new ways to break the Unity
render pipelines (not that hard),
playing video games, watching tv shows,
helping new game devs and 3d artists on
online communities and reading the
latest fantasy/sci-fi novels.

I should really find some hobbies 
to get me out of the house more..

nah let's just start a podcast x)

See about page to learn more about me and
find my contact information.

Check the blog page for my latest articles.

moure@tyrion ~